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How to Present and Participate in Business Meetings With Confidence Using the English You Already Speak

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Is your first thought before you walk into that business meeting that you don’t have enough English words?

Are you terrified of not understanding the question in English and worse still, not having the well-formulated answer?

Instead of focusing on your presentation, do you find yourself wondering what your audience thinks of your English grammar?

You are an experienced, assured senior business professional who’s an expert in your field and respected by your peers, but you fear your expertise is hidden behind your ‘bad’ English.

Your confident self disappears when you present or participate in a business meeting in English.

You’ve tried everything - online grammar courses, downloaded vocabulary sheets, signed up to fluency classes on Skype and yet here you are. Dreading those meetings and presentations. Every. Single. Time.

If you’re already working in an international company, if you have experience working with an international team, your English is good enough.

You don’t need more English. What you need is to learn how to communicate. With the English you already have.

Join this workshop to learn how you can confidently present and participate in your business meetings in English without more words, perfect grammar or apologising.

In this short, self-paced and actionable workshop, you’ll learn:

~ How to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

~ How to prepare for your presentation using reflection

~ How to structure your presentation to avoid rambling.

~ How to confidently handle questions.

~ How to observe how you communicate and others communicate with you.

~ How to analyse and identify the small changes you can make to be a confident communicator.

~ How to implement simple reflection principles to become confident-ready for your next business meeting.

~ How to apply a reflection framework over and over again to all your presentations and business meetings.

With my guidance, you’ll learn all this in small, digestible morsels followed by an actionable workbook. 

“I used to worry about using the right vocabulary when getting my message across. I stressed over it more than I needed to. As I implemented Shanthi’s reflection process to my meetings, I realised that I am far better than I thought which has boosted my confidence and made me a more effective business communicator.” 

 ~ Despoina Charavgi from Greece

About the author:

Ciao, I am Shanthi Cumarswamy Streat, a Business English coach who helps you, the senior business professional, communicate more effectively in English with your international colleagues and clients. 

Before becoming a language coach in 2010, I spent 20 years in the world of finance and was surprised to see that the coursebooks used in Business English classrooms didn’t reflect reality.

That’s why I developed my own approach to teaching effective communication in Business English.

Instead of speaking more, learning more words or working on grammar, I encourage you to reflect on how you communicate. And as you analyse your communication habits and apply the strategies you’ve learned, you notice how your communication patterns change.

My mission is to empower you to become a confident, effective business communicator through reflection and with the English you have.

A 3- stage reflection process that I have implemented in my 1-1 coaching programmes for many years.

In this workshop, you will go through the same reflection process my clients have successfully implemented to become confident-ready for their business meeting.

If you’re ready to start focusing on your expertise, not your English and restore your confidence, join us!

Inside you’ll find:

~ A 75-minute video workshop where I will walk you through my 3-stage reflection process

~ 22 bite-sized, actionable reflection prompts you can work through during the workshop or at your own pace

~ A PDF workbook covering my 3-stage reflection strategy in more detail (with extra reflection prompts ) + 3 case studies describing how my clients implemented my reflection strategy to their presentation and the results they got

~ A clear reflection framework you can apply over and over again to your business presentations and meetings

“I had a key meeting with our biggest client where I wanted to re-negotiate our contract. Working through Shanthi’s reflection process, I got the courage and confidence to be me with the English I have. My opening speech was the best of all the speeches. Even my partner, who was present, actually said "good job" -- and he never says that :-)”

~ Petr Zahradnik from the Czech Republic

How does the process work?

Start from where you are: How to identify your strengths and weaknesses and have clarity on what you need to focus on.

Stage 1 - Prepare, structure + manage questions: How to use reflection to thoughtfully prepare, clearly structure and confidently handle questions without apologising.

Stage 2 - Observe: How to observe and develop self-awareness of how you communicate and how others communicate with you.

Stage 3 - Analyse: How to master your communication skills by analysing your performance and implementing any necessary changes.

Each stage of the process is what I cover in separate coaching sessions and, together with the workbook of reflection prompts, you’ll get the value of more than £1400 in the format of this self-paced workshop for only £55!

“I was so conscious of my grammar and not having the right sentences that, before a presentation, I’d check the internet for grammar corrections or look for typical sentences I could use in English. The reflection process I went through with Shanthi made me realise that my grammar was more than good enough. It was liberating and empowering. I feel much more confident.”

~ Belen Lorenzo


How is this product different from an online fluency course?

Fluency courses generally focus on acquiring more vocabulary and speaking. Speaking more doesn’t mean you’re communicating effectively. An effective business communicator listens to understand, thinks before they speak, pauses, carefully structures their message, tailors their language to their audience, observes and reflects. This product guides you to become a confident and effective communicator, not a rambler.

Wouldn’t a Business English coursebook do the same job?

A coursebook doesn’t reflect reality. That’s what I discovered when I became a Business English coach after 20 years in the world of finance. Coursebooks don’t reflect the global business world you inhabit where you, the international speaker, dominate. They don’t address the fears you have of that specific meeting/presentation you have and help you overcome them. They don’t encourage you to reflect and be self-sufficient. This product prepares you to deal with your business reality with confidence.

Aren’t vocabulary sheets all I need to get ready for my meeting?

You can certainly download a list of stock phrases or idiomatic expressions on the ‘language of meetings’ and repeat them word for word like a robot in your next meeting. Or you can use this product and learn how to use the English you already have to sound your natural and confident self.

How long will this take me? I have a heavy schedule.

As long as you want. Unlike a 1-1/group coaching programme, there’s no time limit. You can work at your own pace. You can work on one small segment at a time. However, I’d recommend you work through and implement the 3 stages to your very next business meeting. That way you incorporate a reflection habit into your daily life. 

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You'll get a 75-minute video workshop + 22 bite-sized, actionable reflection prompts you can work on at your own pace + a 21-page PDF workbook with extra reflection prompts + 3 real case studies.

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How to Present and Participate in Business Meetings With Confidence Using the English You Already Speak

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